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Let’s Build a Ramp!

In July, the Resource Center learned that a client was in need of a ramp. The ramp needed to be built at the client’s home to allow access to get outside. The estimated cost ranged from $6,000 – $8,000 and was simply not affordable, so the search was on for help.  A few days later, an outreach coordinator was meeting with an old contact from The Fuller House, which is now Habitat for Humanity of Clark County.  During the conversation, he learned that due to COVID restrictions, Habitat for Humanity was not building homes at this time, but they were helping with home modifications and repairs.  A couple of days later, The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center paired with Habitat for Humanity and a ramp would be built!


The wheels were in motion and the search for materials was on.  After a few failed attempts at procuring ramp parts from previous projects, Habitat for Humanity came upon a platform that would provide the base, figured out what other parts were needed and secured all the materials.  The Resource Center contacted Yellow Springs Lodge for some financial assistance, and with help from the Lodge and the Grand Lodge Charitable Fund, the project was able to be paid for.

With the funding secured and materials on hand, the project was scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 2nd.  The call for volunteers to help assemble the ramp went out to members of the Yellow Springs Lodge and the 8th Masonic District Volunteer Program chairman.  The Brethren responded as they always do and the ramp was completed.  The support and effort put into this project by Yellow Springs Lodge, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton and the 8th Masonic District Volunteers is truly appreciated.  You have not just built a ramp, you have changed a life.