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Someone To Lean On

Are you aware of the many programs that our craft has to aid and assist one another? Reflecting upon this thought, we can ask ourselves whether we do enough with the allotted hours for a Brother or his family? Then a song fills my spirit by Bill Withers with these lyrics, “Sometimes in our lives, … Continued

Let’s Build a Ramp!

In July, the Resource Center learned that a client was in need of a ramp. The ramp needed to be built at the client’s home to allow access to get outside. The estimated cost ranged from $6,000 – $8,000 and was simply not affordable, so the search was on for help.  A few days later, … Continued

Stories of Support for Widows and Widowers

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center is honored to be able to support the widows and widowers within the fraternity with our Bereavement Program.  Support for our widows and widowers goes far beyond mailing the initial packet of information. Here are some success stories showing just how important those connections are:   In Southwest Ohio, we … Continued

Someone Who Cares

In Northeast Ohio, we had a recipient of our Holiday Outreach Program call us to thank us for thinking of him. Through this program, we are able to send a small package with health care items like hand sanitizers, tissues, masks, an ornament, and/or even a gift card. He was so touched by the gesture … Continued

COVID Vaccine

We have a community member who resides at Browning Masonic Community in NW Ohio that was out receiving inpatient nursing care after a hospital admission, and there was concern that she would miss her second scheduled COVID vaccine, but our Community Outreach Coordinator was able to have transportation arranged for her to and from BMC … Continued

Much Needed Support

Our Northwest Community Outreach Coordinator had a recent Masonic Youth Outreach Program referral for a family that lost all of their belongings in a house fire. She is currently utilizing a laptop donated through one of our MVPs for school, emotional support, and ongoing assistance related to resources moving forward as needed. In addition, our Coordinator … Continued

Scam Resolved

Our Central Ohio Community Outreach Coordinator had a Springfield Masonic Community member in Independent Living who received a letter that contained a 1099G from ODJFS. It said that he had received over $1,200 in unemployment benefits that he had to repay.  He was unsure why he had received this form since he had never collected … Continued

A Second Chance

My name is Guy Alexander. I am a member of Garrettsville Lodge #246. In September of 1997, I received the news that no one wants to hear. I had cancer, Leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to be exact, or for short, CLL. It’s a slow growing cancer, and had been manageable for almost 22 years with … Continued

A Heartfelt Donation

While working with Gene (Muskingum Lodge #368) and Elaine Edgell, the Resource Center learned of a scooter that once belonged to a resident at Western Reserve Masonic Community and was donated by his family upon his passing. Liaison DeAnna Kinney was working with Elaine, and knew that she would benefit from a scooter as she … Continued

More Stories Continued

Have you read about the wonderful things the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center has been able to do for our Masons like obtaining chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, or even emergency assistance after a fire or flood? The Resource Center can help with large projects, and, helping out in emergency situations. We can also walk beside … Continued